Powerful data validation tool

Flat File Checker (FlaFi) is a simple and intuitive tool for validation of structured data in flat files (*.txt, *.csv, etc.). It is the best application to change they way you validate data and make processes easy and efficient.

FlaFi's intuitive interface makes it easy to translate business rules into Flat File Schema that defines validation criteria. You don't need any product specific knowledge to start using the application, which is often the case with ETL software.

FlaFi is essential to ensure painless data exchange without errors.

It minimises effort

  • data quality with virtually no manual involvement
  • interface specification for data exchange created on-the-go
  • successful data exchanges with no repetitive interactions with the external data providers (as long as they screen the data against your Schema prior to supply)

and saves time

  • minimum turnaround time due to guaranteed quality of each data supply
  • faster set-up of new exchange processes