Why Flat File Checker?

Users like it and help to make it better - try it and let us know what you think:

  • Chris (Cisco) - I‘ve been using FFC for over 2 months now and it‘s working great. I‘ve got it auto checking files before sending to our customers. I‘ve got about 20 different FFC schemas checking 20 different file types. In two months we‘ve check around 1000 files and FFC caught 3 bad files out of the 1000. This is fantastic as I would have 3 very upset customers if we had not caught these exceptions.
  • Sinha - In searching for open source importer in SourceForge and come across your Flat File Checker, which is FANTASTIC and required for any importer team.

Rich rule builder - build complex data rules:

  • Join constraints with logical operators: And, Or, Not;
  • Restrict conditions with Where clause;
  • Compare Fields;
  • Regular Expressions;
  • VB Expressions.

Relational Links - validate file as part of interconnected data set.

Database Queries - validate data in the file against the data stored in databases

  • Make your own query templates with parameters;
  • Customisable user interface.

Merge duplicates - quick way to merge duplicates without information loss:

  • Unique constraint on one or several columns;
  • Fast processing.

Action on errors - comprehensive set of action options is available for erroneous records

  • Delete
  • Move or Copy line to another file;
  • Replace error with other value;
  • Merge several rows into one.

Transform data exchange process - share data specifications with your partners to streamline your work:

Existing Data Integration
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New Data Integration

Open Source - No license fee. Easy to create custom data rules

  • Application is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Extend original code in Visual Studio Express which license is also free.

Specification on-the-go - no need to make a separate document

Flat File Schema in Browser

Command line - execute Flat File Schema from batch file

  • Short command does it all.
Command Line Sample View