New Process

Flat File Checker (FlaFi) is an application that allows to validate a set of flat files basing on Flat File Schema (FFS). FFS is an XML document that describes the business rules that the flat files should  comply with.

In addition to providing a fast and easy way  to validate file set, FlaFi  also streamlines the process of data exchange with external organisations. Let’s take a look at the standard process of flat file batch load:

Current Data Exchange Pcocess

Let’s now imagine you can change your process to this:

New Data Exhange Process

To implement this process, all we need is an automated data brief that we would be able to send to the data provider. In this case data provider would be able to run validation based on the provided documentation, and  all data errors would be fixed at that point. Now you can create such brief (FFC) that will be stored in XML document, while your partners will be able to validate files using free and easily accessible Flat File Checker application.